Friday, November 26, 2010

Follow Friday

Well I have two thoughts for Follow Friday today.  To me follow Friday is recommending a website or another blog etc.  So for that part I am going to recommend you take a look at Midwest Genealogy Center's website (part of Mid-Continent Public Library):  It is the most wonderful place in the world, but I am biased.  ;-)  On this site you can find tips for starting genealogy and continuing, forms that you can fill out online and save to your computer and many links to other helpful sites.   Not to mention the links under getting started about the online presentation.  Two classes were done by yours truly and another one on the way!! :-)  Check it out!
Next for follow Friday I am challenging myself to "follow" my lead yesterday and go home and do some genealogy.  Last night I spent about 2 hours working on my genealogy and playing catch up on entering my information on my computer software that I have recently found.  I want to spend at least an hour on this tonight (while watching a marathon of Criminal Minds, of course!)  While entering in this information I am creating quite a list of to-do's.  I have also created a goal to get this side of my family put into a book and printed out for my family by April!  I just have to do it!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Monday Madness

Well Monday Madness fits today as I have been very busy!! I have so many projects started that I need to finish wrapping up.  The one I have mentioned before about my great-great granfather Earl Black is one of them.  I now have all of the documentation and paperwork together to send to the courts in order to get a court order for the mental health records, I just need to send it!!  I need to write a convincing letter.  It is my goal to have this done by next Monday!  Otherwise I had started participating in Nanarimo- which is to write 50,000 words in month of November.  I had a good start and then life got in the way!  When family is in the hospital, that takes up a lot of time to go back and forth as well as kids.  I still have 8 days to try and catch up.  I only have about 47,000 to go.  HA HA.  It was my goal to do this for my family history book.  I'll let you know over the next 8 days how I do.  :-)