Monday, January 24, 2011

Updates on my genealogy

First I want to start out by saying that I already accomplished one goal for this year.  I sent my paperwork in for the Daughters of the Union Veterans of the Civil War and I am now a member!!! I am so excited. 
I had a big breakthrough in my genealogy as well.  For about 70 years there has been question as to whether my grandpa had half brothers or sisters.  We weren't sure if his father had children with his second wife.  We didn't even know anything about her except her first name.  then after years of searching put some Montana marriages online and I found their marriage certificate!!! It listed her maiden name and all sorts of information.  Then I was able to see if I could find a second marriage for her.  My great grandfather had died in the war.  Sure enough, I found it!  From there it all took off.  I found her in the Social Security Death Index.  I was able to contact a volunteer through who looked up an obituary for her.  It listed 2 sons from her second husband, one of them was deceased.  I was able to find the second son on  I have a letter typed up and am planning on sending it tomorrow!!!  Also, I have started entering all my facts into my genealogy software.  It's getting close to being ready for me to print.  :-)  I am so happy with my progress!


  1. Good for you Tiff! It's great when things like this finally come together!

  2. Thanks!! I"m pretty excited about everything!

  3. It helps so much to live at a time when new records are being posted to the Net every day. What isn't there today could very well be there tomorrow. Makes it so much easier to keep a positive outlook.