Friday, March 18, 2011

What I have been up to

Well, I have been very busy!  I have gathered some information for my own genealogy by going to the courthouse itself.  What a difference that makes.  I found things I would not have found otherwise.  I was able to just delve right into the index and make notations of what I needed.  People who think divorce was not common, well, I looked through a huge index full of them!  Pretty interesting cases as well.  I have taught a class on organization and decided I had better shape my own genealogy up.  So I gathered papers from genealogies of other people's I have been working on, such as step family, etc.  I started typing the information into Rootsmagic and finding what needs to be done next. 
I have been working on a clients project and finding some neat things.  I have research plans set up and it's fun to see it come together.  The same for a friend I am helping out. 
Today I took a big step and I took the family interviews I have done to a shop that can put them on DVD's.  Luckily they had a sale going, but still spent a pretty penny.  It is so worth it to me though.  Some of the people I have interviewed are now gone and just hearing their voice brought a huge smile to my face!
I have been busy teaching classes and I am turning in proposals to speak at NGS.  That is a huge step for me.  I am going to start taking classes again through Heritage Genealogical College.  I joined APG and our local chapter is doing the Progen course.  I am a very busy person.  On top of all of that, we have my step children half the week and every other weekend my niece and nephew.  I am helping my cousin earn girl scout patches and at work I have a lot of responsibility.  I read before I go to bed and I am starting a bible study.  I make sure there is time to spend with my Adam and of course my Sierra puppy dog. Phew... wonder what I will be doing tomorrow!

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