Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sentimental Sunday

It has been awhile since I posted as life has gotten in the way.  I have been slowly working on my genealogy projects however.  I will write about those in the days to come.  For my sentimental Sunday I am going to write about my Uncle Ed.  He passed away last month.  I considered Ed to be the storyteller of the family.  He could tell you all sorts of family stories and I was lucky enough to get some of them on tape while he was still here.  How much truth is in them is still left to tell, but that is with any family story, as any genealogist can tell you.  I do know how proud he was of his children and family.  He talked about them often.  He also had a big love for his dogs!!  We shared lots of those type of stories.  I remember visiting Uncle Ed when he was married to Ozella in Springfield, MO.  They had horses and lots of other animals.  I especially remember they had 2 crows and they were in the house!  He let us help pull water out from a well and we took lots of pictures that are engrained in my memory.  He moved closer to our family and we seen more of him.  We helped him with his house repairs when he first moved in and I spent some time with his horses.  He then got to the point where he just couldn't do anymore.  What he did do was paint and write.  He was extremely talented.  In his later years however, he did become more lonely and he drank a lot.  I would spend time with him when he wasn't drinking and that's the Uncle I want to remember.  When I go back to transcribe his interview, I will share more stories, but for now I will leave it at this and just say, Uncle Ed, we sure do miss you!

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