Thursday, December 2, 2010

Advent Calendar of memories, Day 2 Holiday Foods

Who doesn't like to talk about food??  In the past 10-15 years it has become tradition at my grandma and grandpa Wright's house to have chili and Oyster soup on Christmas.  Before that it was a full out meal like Thanksgiving, with turkey, ham, and all the fixin's.  One of my favorites that Grandma still makes is Cherry dessert.  It has a graham cracker crust, cherry topping and whip cream.  YUM.  I also love green bean casserole.  Sometimes my step dad would make Pisatchio dessert where you mix the pudding mix with whip cream and add mixed fruit.  That is pretty good as well.  One year we had Prime Rib with twice baked potatoes and asparagus with cheese.  It was sooo good! 
We always have a veggie tray, but we also started making our pickle things as we call them.  We take thinly sliced ham and spread cream cheese on it and wrap a pickle in it and cut it up.  Those don't last long.  :-)


  1. We also used to do the full turkey dinner thing and have now switched to others things - I think chili sounds great on a cold Midwestern day!

  2. we use to have an oyster casserole for Christmas. Last year at the urging of my son-in-law I made it for the first time...I don't think he was real impressed but I sure enjoyed it and making it brought back lots of memories

  3. Your family sounds a lot more adventurous in their Christmas cooking than mine was. I could definitely go for chili on Christmas....