Monday, December 6, 2010

Advent Calendar of Memories, Day 3: Ornaments

Well, I started talking about ornaments when I was talking about the tree, but I have some other things to add about trees that I thought of so I guess that works!!
When I was in high school we lived on a farm and we always had a real tree.  It was a tradition that we got the tractor ready and hooked up to our trailer.  We lined the trailer with hay and all of us loaded in bundled up and full of blankets.  Of course we also loaded up our dogs and made our 10 mile an hour trek to the Christmas Tree farm a couple miles from our house.  At the Christmas tree farm we walked around until we all agreed on a tree and then chopped it down.  We got hot chocolate and then we headed home.  Normally someone drove in a vehicle as well in case there were babies or anyone was sick or the little dogs.  Now the farm is gone, the tractor is gone and the Christmas tree farm is gone but the memories will always live. 
Back to ornaments though... Like I mentioned earlier, I get an ornament every year to symbolize something for that year.  We just decorated our tree yesterday and I was looking through my ornaments (some which are missing now) and just remembering what they stood for.  Some went back in the box but all the ones for my animals came out and my step sons were all too happy to hang up the one's for my baby girl Sierra.  (They also love to make her wear Reindeer antlers lol).  My grandma Wright and I go every year and pick out our ornament.  There are so many to choose from but her and I love to go and just browse to find the right one.  It's something I look forward to every year. 

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