Monday, December 6, 2010

Advent Calendar of Memories- Day 4: Christmas Cards

We got our first Christmas Card from my grandma Kirby last week.  I normally get a handful and I think it's a nice way to keep in touch.  I like to send pictures in mine and I'm getting mine ready right now.  My holiday pictures are normally filled with my animals but this year I have 2 step sons, a wonderful man and of course, my baby girl Sierra.  We are having such a wonderful holiday season so far. 
For anyone who does send me cards there is one sure way to ensure I will keep it forever... make sure the card has a dog on it.  :-)  I keep all cards with dogs on them and scrapbook it.  I will keep letters and pictures out of them, but I got it in my head awhile back to learn how to declutter and so now it's habit.  I also may make little boxes out of the cards I don't keep.  My guy hangs his cards on his blinds so that along with the candy canes we got are hanging there. 
I love getting cards and just seeing how people have been over the past year and what they have been up to.  I now get electronic cards by email and that's ok too.  I will print some of them out.  Just keep in touch with your families!! :-)


  1. Same here - cards and letters are just like getting extra presents in this household!

  2. Ha. I save cards too but not cards with dogs. I do save photo Christmas cards and family cards. we send out photo cards each year, since the early 1980s and we try to include our cats but they are not good at sitting still.