Monday, August 2, 2010

Madness Monday

Madness Monday is perfect for me because I will never run out of crazy people or situations in my family to write about. :-)  Today I am going to write about my great great grandfather, Earl Omar Black.  There is a chance that he actually was crazy as he died in the Missouri State Hospital #2 in St. Joseph, Missouri in the 1940's.  There is a possibility of getting the records.  I have to get a court order and find out where to go from there.  I printed out a letter today to a judge, so I will keep you posted on the results.  He had 8 children that I'm aware of and his wife, Iva Belle Garner, died in child birth in 1925.  All of the children went to different homes.  I want to find out why he was in there for 4.5 years until his death.  His death was pneumonia.  There is also some questions about his life such as why was he living in Oklahoma in  the 1930 census?  Who was there and why was he there?  What happened to his tombstone?  My great grandmother insisted one was put there, but it is not there now.  All questions that have a possibility of being answered.  So tune in next week for updates.

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