Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sentimental Sunday- Just remember....

I went to a retirement party today for a coworker and friend of mine named Maria.  I am sure going to miss her.  She was born in Dublin Ireland and helps people with Irish research among other types of genealogy.  She is going to be greatly missed as a coworker.  Made me think quite a bit though about all the coworkers of mine that have been retiring and just people in general I have had to say goodbye to because of one reason or another.  Made me think that I had better write down memories now because one day I'm gonna wake up and 20 or 40 years have passed and more recent memories have taken precidence in my mind.  I encourage everyone to write memories and stories in a journal while you can.  Think about the future generations.  Would you want to read something that your grandparents or even further back wrote?  Would you want to know their thoughts and what they did?  I sure would.  So read a book on writing and get some ideas and go for it!

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