Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sentimental Sunday

The picture I have posted with this is from Clear Creek Cemetery in Lock Springs, Daviess County, Missouri.  It is not the best picture, but will do for what I want to write about.  I discovered this cemetery early on in my search.  I have family there, but when I first found the cemetery I only knew about one family member, which was Margaret Garner.  I stopped at a couple places and asked for directions to the cemetery.  I finally found someone who knew.  I took the route given to me and thought I had gotten it wrong because of how far out it was (I was new to genealogy).  I found the cemetery and discovered that there was a building on the property.  I found that it use to be a church and now is just fixed up to look nice, but is no longer in use.  I went row by row and when i was almost to the back of the cemetery, I thought for sure I had missed something.  However, just like when you are researching at the library and the books you want are always on the bottom row, there was the tombstone in the back row.  I took pictures with a disposable camera and when i looked up, I saw that I had climbed a hill to reach the back.  The view was breathtaking!  Instantly it became my favorite place to be at peace.  Being a new genealogist I didn't think to look further.  I did find the tombstones directly next to it were her daughters, but i later found that the people next to her in the row were her father, sister and sister's family.  I learned then to take pictures of the tombstones around my families, at least, and all of the same surnames in the family.  This journey was sentimental to me because it was the first time that something was found in person, by me, that was new to our family!


  1. Tiffany -- This cemetery is less than 1 mile from my husband's cousin, Richard Miller. My husband's other cousin has her father buried in that cemetery too. She and I were walking through the cemetery one, Sunday, and looking at the stones. It is a nice cemetery, but be careful there are ticks out there. We had several on us when we got back to Rick's house. Sharlene Miller

  2. Oh what treasures we find when we start our genealogy journey...great post!