Saturday, August 7, 2010

Storytellin' Saturday

I chose my own blogging heading for Saturdays- Storytellin' Saturday.  This is going to mainly focus on those stories that are handed down from generation to generation.  The first one that pops into my mind is the one I was told from my Great Uncle Richard Wright about my great great grandmother, Ruby Wilson Wright.  Ruby was married to William Arthur Wright and if you read the blog earlier in the week about William, you will remember that it said his wife took their son and left before he came home from war.  It was said that Ruby took Roy to Montana two weeks before William was to come home from war.  Now I can't find why they went to Montana.  Was there family there?  No idea yet.  For a long time I couldn't even find proof that they were in Montana until the nice people at the Cascade County Montana Genealogical Society did a look up for me in the city directories and found him there in the 1940's.  I went on to find a state military card showing that Roy was signed up through Montana and then an obituary.  But I never found any trace of Ruby.  Did she die? Did she give him up to another family?  The rest of the story said that she was an alcoholic and ended up in a facility of some sort, but still no proof.  The genealogy society even said they checked a listing for the sanitariums but her name did not come up.  Did she remarry?  I just dont have any idea at this point what happened, but one day i will. :-) The picture is of Roy Wright.

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